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Why AgainstData?

Your digital assistant that adds superpowers to your inbox

Our app enables you to reclaim control over your inbox, effortlessly halting unwanted email lists, requesting personal data deletion, and providing data-driven insight on your mailbox activity.

Stop Spam for Good

About 45% of global emails come from unsolicited mailing lists. We help stop them from reaching your inbox.

Recover Email Storage

Too many emails in your inbox? No problem. With bulk delete you increase available email storage with a few clicks.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Storing emails consumes a lot of energy. helps you reduce your inbox's CO2 footprint.

One-click unsubscribe

Simplify the process of unsubscribing from unwanted emails. With just one click, bid farewell to newsletters and promotions you no longer wish to receive.

  • Login with your Google account
  • Our algorithm identifies the mailing lists cluttering your inbox
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails with one single click

Bulk email deletion

Declutter your inbox in seconds by bulk deleting emails, giving you instant clarity and freeing up valuable inbox space for the messages that matter.

  • Delete all emails on “Unsubscribe”
  • Delete all emails on "Allow"
  • Shrink your inbox with every action
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Even if you unsubscribe, companies can still keep your personal data.

We’ve got you covered!

Delete personal data

Discover how many companies hold your personal data, who those companies are and regain control with one click.

When you choose to delete, a legal template is sent to the company's privacy contact, notifying them that you have chosen to delete the data they hold on you.

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Loved by 23,000+ users

Our app has given back 4300 days to our users by streamlining email management and decluttering inboxes.

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Avatar of Bianca Anthonia Popa
Bianca Anthonia Popa

I'm blown away by how effective AgainstData is. The A-HA moment for me was seeing all of the companies that hold my data.

Avatar of Ionel Rosca
Ionel Rosca
Market Intel at Siemens Energy

I made many stupid mistakes with my email and lately it's hard to even find new emails in my Inbox from all the Spam. I used this to clean everything up and it actually worked.

Avatar of Madalina Ivascu
Madalina Ivascu
Co-founder at One Night Gallery

Simple, Clean. Love it !

Avatar of Andra Morariu
Andra Morariu
Program Manager at SAP

I really wanted to keep my old email address but it was getting overrrun. I managed to clean everything up and unsubscribe from hundreds of newsletters.

Avatar of Paula Matei
Paula Matei
Account Manager at Bread Content

I went full on an did an almost complete reset. Cleaned ALL newsletters and I onl;y get a couple of emails a day. What a relief !!!

Avatar of Egita Polanska
Egita Polanska
CEO at Startup House

I never realized how much time I was wasting on email until I discovered AgainstData.

Avatar of Patrick Gates
Patrick Gates
Project Manager at Atlas

I'm using it both on my work and personal emails and it saved me a ton of time.

Avatar of Vlad Raspopa
Vlad Raspopa
Network Director at Ericsson

I was actively searching for a way to empty my 10.000+ Unread Inbox. This did the job in about 30 minutes.

Avatar of Andreea Raducu
Andreea Raducu

Tried it. Works good when unsubscribing from companies all over the world. Fast responses ussually.

Avatar of Mihaela Neagoie
Mihaela Neagoie

I'm so impressed with AgainstData's ability to streamline my inbox. It's like magic! And the added bonus of knowing which companies have my data? Genius.

Avatar of Maria Diana
Maria Diana

I was skeptical at first, but AgainstData exceeded my expectations. I actually save time every day.

Avatar of Andreea Mazalu
Andreea Mazalu

I always got distracted by Spam. Now it's a lot easier to concentrate. AgainstData is a must-have tool for anyone looking to declutter their digital life.

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