Your data is being used against you

Your Internet activity leaves a data trail collected by a vast system that works behind the scenes. The companies that hold your data might sell it, misuse it or even get hacked. To reduce the risk, it is important to take back control.

Companies know
...your location
your political views
your health issues
your online secrets

Deleted apps and unused services still keep your data!

Just signing out is not enough. Even after you’ve stopped using a service, Data Against Data helps you ask that company to delete your data and minimise your data trail. Keep yourself safe one company at a time.

What happens when you want to leave a platform?
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It is your right to ask for deletion from the ones that shouldn’t have it.

Online fraud has an average cost of €4,412.

A big number of companies holding your data means a big chance one might leak information or get hacked. This often leads to identity theft, which can have big social and financial consequences.

i need your help
i am in big trouble
please send me payment
i am in hospital
i'll pay you back next week

With Data Against Data you can ask companies to delete your data

We search for companies holding your data

We regularly donate a portion of our profits to various charities, NGOs, independent mass media and charitable campaigns




Decide how to manage it. It’s yours, after all.

We give you the tools to take back the control over your data in a nicely built app. Now you can decide how to manage you personal data.


Trust this companyAsk for deletion

The more you delete the less you risk

Protect your real self from your online self. Reduce the risk of scams or identity theft by deleting your data from all the companies that shouldn’t have it.

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