How it works

We've built all the right features to help you transform your inbox into a place of productivity and peace.

Identify unwanted mailing lists

Get started by signing up with your Gmail account. Once that’s done, you can start to browse the mailing lists and unwanted emails filling your inbox.

Now that you have an overview, you’re ready to take action.

Minimal interface

Our app displays all the relevant mailing lists in a nice and simple interface.

Quick actions

Choose to allow or unsubscribe from email lists with one click.

Smart tags

Separate your promotional emails from the rest of your correspondence.

Unsubscribe with just one click

Simplify the process of unsubscribing from email lists. With just one click, bid farewell to newsletters and promotions you no longer wish to receive.

It works every single time.

Quick settings

Activate bulk delete emails and every time you keep or unsubscribe, the app will automatically delete all associated emails.

Bulk deletion

Activate bulk delete emails and every time you keep or unsubscribe, the app will automatically delete all associated emails.

Storage optimization

By using smart tags and bulk deletion, you get back significant time and storage space.

Discover who has your personal data

Cleaning your inbox is great, but sometimes you simply don't want a company to keep your data when you no longer use their services.

Go to the Data Trail section to see how many companies have your personal data and who those companies are.

Smart scanner

Get the chance to discover the companies that have your data and request deletion when needed.

Verified companies

Our database contains over 90k verified companies used to match them with the domains found in your inbox.

Quick actions

Decide to keep or request deletion from a company when you no longer need its services or products.

One-click deletion requests

If you no longer are associated with or use the services of a company, ask for personal data deletion with just one click. This reduces the risk of them losing your valuable data through a breach or data leak.

Be careful, asking for data deletion leads to deleting any account you have with that company.

GDPR compliant

A legal template is sent to the company's DPO, notifying them that you have chosen to delete the data they hold on you.

Message center

When a company replies, the message will appear in your requests section so you can reply immediately.

Status notifications

Companies are required to respond to a deletion request within a 30 days period. If they fail to do so, we will notify you.

By using AgainstData you:

Save time saves you valuable time by streamlining the email management process.

Protect your privacy

Your data is secure. We prioritise your privacy and ensure a safe user experience.

Stop spam for good

Our intuitive interface makes managing your inbox a joy, even for those not tech-savvy.

Organize your inbox

Benefit from tailored recommendations to enhance your overall digital privacy.

Save up email storage

Understand and control where your personal data resides with our transparent insights.

Reduce CO2 emissions 🌳

Save time and effort with our straightforward deletion request process.

Ready to get started?

Transform your inbox into a place of productivity and peace, free from stress and clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions is a web platform that helps individuals unsubscribe from unwanted emails and take control of their Inbox and personal data.

By logging in with their Gmail account, users can securely connect to the platform and gain access to a dashboard that displays the email addresses that have written to them in the past, and how often, as well as the companies holding their data.

You can either Trust or Unsubscribe from any email address that has ever written to you. Once you decide on whether to Trust or Unsubscribe, you can also choose to keep or delete all the emails that you received from that address.

Users can also send data subject requests directly from their email to request the deletion of their personal information. is committed to providing users with a user-friendly, secure, and transparent experience that empowers them to take control of their personal information.

Your digital trail or digital footprint is the pieces of data that you leave behind when you use digital devices and services. It includes any information that can be associated with you, such as your name, email address, social media posts, online searches, browsing history, and online transactions. It's important to be mindful of your digital footprint and take steps to protect your personal information.

AgainstData is a web platform that helps individuals unsubscribe from unwanted emails and take control of their Inbox and personal data. The platform allows users to unsubscribe from unwanted emails, clean up their received emails, see which companies hold their data, request the deletion of their personal information from those companies.

Keeping your inbox clean and your digital footprint small are some of the best ways to protect yourself online and AgainstData helps with all of that.

Internet privacy is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps protect your personal information from falling into the wrong hands, such as hackers and identity thieves. It also helps prevent companies and advertisers from collecting your data without your consent and using it for targeted advertising or other purposes you may not approve of.

Additionally, privacy helps safeguard your online reputation, preventing embarrassing or damaging information from being spread online.

In your everyday life choosing to ignore this aspect will get you distracted and less productive. Spending time fighting Spam inefficiently is bad for you and for the projects you try to get done. By using our product it is simply one less thing to worry about.

Finally, privacy is a fundamental human right that allows individuals to express themselves freely, without fear of persecution or censorship. Protecting internet privacy is crucial in ensuring that our online experiences remain safe, secure, and respectful of our rights as individuals.

We do our best to offer a transparent service and never sell your data or try to monetise it in any other way. The only way we fund our business is through the user subscriptions for the service.

We are an EU based company deeply involved in the complex task of protecting your personal data. You can easily see who we are, what we work on, and all the details about how the service works. is OAuth and Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) certified by a trusted Google third-party auditor, on a yearly basis, based on the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), the standard for CASA.