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Read our terms below to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a DAD user.

Last updated: Sep 15th, 2022


The most controversial and rhetorical question of all times - “Do you agree to the terms and conditions?”

We’ve all done it, you, me, probably even most CEOs.

We know that the chance of you reading this TOS is small to non-existent, so we summed up every paragraph in 70 words or less.

Terms of service

We know that the chance of you reading this TOS is small to non-existent, so we summed up every paragraph in 70 words or less. Time is important, but so is your privacy. We made great efforts to make this section as concise as possible using simple and plain language. The Terms of Use explain Data Against Data’s (DAD) Services so you understand what the Service is about and how it works. By using our Service you agree to these Terms. You are only allowed to use DAD’s Services if you are at least 16 years old.

Grant of License

These Terms actually grant you a license to use DAD’s Service and, if you violate them or if at any point, you do not agree to any of these Terms, your license to use the Service will terminate. Our Services are designed so that DAD can identify the companies who have (some of) your personal information and to enable you to access or delete that data. At any point during the use of our Service we may ask you to provide some identifying documents, just to ensure that is it truly you who are requesting and handling the reclaimed data.

Access to the Service

Any fees that are charged by third parties, so that you can have access and use the Service, like your Internet provider, are your responsability.

Fees and Payment

Our Services or any part thereof may be free or may be subject to a fee. If the Services are subject to a fee and payment is not received from you, we have the right to terminate your use of the Service. We do not store any payment information and all payments will be processed by a third party who will hold your payment information securely.

Account Termination

You have the right to stop using or close your account at any time. We also reserve the right to terminate the provision of our Service to you at any time.

Rules of Conduct and Usage

You cannot use the Service or our website to post or send spam, harass people, post inappropriate content or perform any actions that may be offensive, illegal or may interfere with the normal operation of our Services.

Intellectual Property Ownership

We own all rights to the Service and associated materials. If you would like to submit any feedback you are welcome to do so, but please be advised that we will have the right to use them for our internal product development and other business purposes, including disclosing and sharing them with third parties.

Disclaimer of Warranty; Limitation of Liability; Indemnification

The use of the Service is at your sole risk and we do not provide any warranties or representation about the accuracy or completeness of the Service. DAD cannot be liable or promise that all third parties who process your data will cooperate with DAD and allow you to reclaim or access your data. There shall be no indemnification of either party by the other as regards to liabilities arising out of the use of the Service.

Unauthorised advertising

Posting advertising and links on DAD’s platform is prohibited. Such materials will be removed once identified. DAD is not liable for any purchase you make as a result of these unauthorised advertisments.

Third Party Material

You may be required to access third party materials trough the use of DAD Service. DAD is not and will not be liable for your use of third party materials that include, but are not limited to: Media players; Youtube players, etc.

Links, Search Engines

Any external links you access as a result of the use of DAD Service will be made at your own risk.


DAD will send regular notices and updates on your registered email address or display them in our Service.


In case of a dispute, the Terms of use are governed by the laws of Romania and the competent court will be the Court of Bucharest, Romania, European Union. For any questions about the Terms of use, the Service or DAD please contact us at data@againstdata.com

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